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Carfree Month 2010 – part II

As promised, here it goes, the sequel of our adventures in the Carfree Month 2010. We published the first part a few days ago. Let’s see what else happened in Curitiba this September.

I Tweed Ride Curitiba
It was our debut ride. Of course, it’s nothing compared with the original english one. But we had lots of nice antique bikes and vintage looks.

by Anderson Canalle


conforme o figurino

as it should be


Check out some more pictures @ FixaCWB Blog, Everton’s Album, and Pedro’s Album.

Two evenings and lots of movies. Among the exhibitions, it’s worth mentioning the videoclip from Chucrobillyman entitled  Chiken Flow, and short movie from the project Corpo Poético by Lilian Amaral (São Paulo). Also includes productions from: Luiz Andrioli, Mário Fonseca, Didonet Thomaz, Emerson Pingarilho e Karina Luz, Victor Gollnick, Sérgio twardowski, Nós na tela/ Priscila Pereira and Dago Schelin, Felipe Barros , Luana Navarro e Arthur do Carmo, Ingrid Decker, André de Barroso da Veiga, Daniel Belquer, Helena Krausz, JP Almeida Marcela Goellner, Ezequiel Capaldo, Peixes Delirantes, Bruno Mocelin e Lorena Lenara, Rasputines, Anderson Peretiatko and Soraia Laurindo and Sori Ciecielki, Mainês Olivetti, Joana Corona, Diego Florentino, Eli Firmeza, Guilherme Pierre, Constance and Helio Fervenza among others.






(The Bike March) Marcha das bicicletas
With a clean and blue sky, the number of participants was a record on the main event in World Carfree Day. More than five hundred people, most of them cyclists, but also a few pedestrians, and skaters.


parte dos ciclistas da marcha

partial view


More pictures here: Gil Caruso, Bicicleteiros, ArteBiciMob, Cicloturista Urbano, Daguvasco and Simony Sotelo.

IV Commuter’s Challenge(IV Desafio Intermodal)
For the fourth time in a row, the bike was faster. But we should not forget that are many other variables on that equation. For the bicycle, the environmental impact and the expenses are minimum. The Federal University will soon publish a full report with a detailed comparison of the means of transportation.


Primeiro e segundo lugar

First and Second place


Kuritbike Party (Lancamento Kuritbike)
The Kuritbike Urban Bike Tour was launched at WCD:

…born with the intention to meet the great need of tourists who like to experience a new city in a more intense way. Our goal is to offer a highly differentiated service, praising the uniqueness, quality and safety, working with really small groups, with a maximum of 10 people.


Passeio inaugural no Beto Batata

Inaugural Ride at Beto Batata


A few months of planning and the urban bike tour project finally hit the streets. The founder, Gustavo Carvalho is

…a bike commuter since 2002, starting his biketrips in 2004, traveling alone or with a group through the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, Sao Paulo and Bahia, having ridden about 1,250 mi.

That is a great iniciative to foster sustainable mobility and help people who want to adopt the bicycle but who doesn’t have the courage (or it’s not crazy enough) to face alone the ever aggressive motorized traffic in  Curitiba.

Get-rid-of-your-big-bubble Music(Música para sair da grande bolha)
Another new event in 2010, transforming the bus in a big moving party.





Flying Bike (Bicicleta voadora)
One of the last activities of the month. We had the Flying Bike instalation at Oscar Niemeyer Museum. Available to anyone wishing to learn how to fly.


criança voadora

flying kid


a bicicleta voadora

Unfortunately, not all events and actions are listed here. The organic and decentralised characteristics of the ARTEBICIMOB Festival make it hard to keep track of everything that happened. But you can certainly have a taste of it through some of the pictures and videos presented here. You can also take a look at the official calendar (in Portuguese).



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