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Carfree month 2010 – part I

Once again, we had the ARTEBICIMOB promoted by Interluxartelivre. A popular festival throughout September which presents lots of activities from the collective itself, many others with support from several groups, and also some independent ones from groups that share the same principles. Some of the participants were: Rasputines, Sociedad Peatonal, Bicicletada Curitiba, APELA, GTH, Veloclub, Curitiba Cycle Chic, Ciclovida, FixaCWB, Bicicleteiros, MPL Curitiba, Casa da Videira, Kuritbike, Cinemateca de Curitiba among others.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities that took place this year in Curitiba(most of the links point to brazilian pages written in portuguese, sorry for that. But there are also some pictures and videos).

Free Bikeparking (Bicicletário Livre)
Last year, we transformed one of the six abandoned bikeparkings in a community bike workshop(bike kitchen style) . In 2010, one of those public spaces was turned into a convivial space during two whole days: September 2nd e 3rd.


Shows, oficinas, lanches, filmes e conversas

Shows, workshops, food, movies and chats


Free Public Transportation (Manifestação Passe Livre)

To protest against the poor conditions of public transport in Curitiba with its neverending lines, overcrowded buses, lack of security inside bus stations, the total absence of integration with other means of transportation,  high prices, and an increasing number of accidents; the MPL group has denounced assertively, the incoherence of the Curitiba Public Transport System.


Memorial vítimas transporte coletivo

Memorial of the victims of the public transport


Urban Biketour (Cicloturismo Urbano)

The CouchSurf Curitiba Bike Riders celebrated his 10th ride with style. The group was formed last year, promoting meetings for biking around the city. Newbies and experienced riders, visiting or living in the city, sharing the pleasure of a morning bike ride and discovering the city.  Usually on Sundays with flexible destinations and additional cultural and social events after the ride.

10° CS Bike Tour
10th CS Bike Tour

…Sunday!It was one of the best days in my life! That’s the meaning of life – finding sense in what you do. I found it! (Geez, it looks like fanatism, religion, but that’s it). I am HAPPY! Happy for having you around changing my lifestyle and allowing me to see the world differently. Maybe you are used to this kind of thing , but for me, it’s all very new. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me so much joy.

Luiz Reikdal – a CS Bike Tour beginner

Cycle Debate (Ciclo de palestras)

This year the subject was: Automobile Society: can we change?

The speakers:

Valter Fanini – President of the State Engineers Association

Antonio Miranda – Cycle Consultant and Architect, President of the Brazilian Cyclists Union

Maria Luiza Marques Dias – Coordinator of the Municipal Traffic Master Plan and Urbanism Professor from the Federal University of Parana

Ken Flávio Ono Fonseca – Design Professor from the Federal University of Parana

Raimundo C. Caruso – Journalist, author of the book “O Automóvel – O Planejamento Urbano e a Crise das Cidades” (Automobile – Urban Planning and the City Crisis)

Ademir Antunes dos Santos (Plá)– selfpropelled popular artist and author of the Biciclopédia music CD

Goura Nataraj – Yoga Teacher, integrant of the Bicicletada Curitiba (local Critical Mass)

VeloClub Birthday(Aniversário do VeloClub)
A street party to celebrate the first year of a bikeshop that believe that a bicycle is a real urban transportation vehicle.


Cartaz da festa

Party banner

Bike ride to River Belem Headwaters (Pedalada até a nascente do Rio Belém)
A local disaster unkown by many curitibanos. The contamination of rivers and streams is one of our biggest environmental problems due urban concentration. The Belem River is a extremely polluted river and we ride up there to see with our own eyes.

Get-rid-of-your-bubble Music (Música para sair da bolha)
This event is already becoming tradition and it happens not only in September but throughout the whole year in squares, parks and crowded corners of Curitiba.

Fantastic Vehicles Workshop (Oficina de Veículos Fantásticos)

Every week on Tuesdays, fostering creativity and awareness through manual crafts with clay. Directing the thoughts to the  mobility in big cities.

oficina no parque São Lourenço

workshop at the São Lourenço Park


There is so much stuff going on that we are going to take a break here. Our next post will show some more fun stories about our Carfree Month.

Carfree Month Part II



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